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  • HVAC and Pet Care
    02 August 2019

    HVAC and Pet Care

    We love our pets today more than ever before. Our culture obsesses over dog and cat videos on social media, memes with cats in them, etc. Some people seem to value animals’ lives more than other human beings, and will go to great lengths make sure their pet is more well taken care of than ...

  • Coils: The Most Important Part of Your System You Didn’t Know About
    12 July 2019

    Coils: The Most Important Part of Your System You Didn’t Know About

    You may not know much about HVAC system components, but you probably at least know the basics. Heat pumps, compressors, thermostats, drain lines, refrigerant, etc. But the most important part of your system are ones you don’t really see – coils. HVAC systems have 2 different types of coil in them that both play an ...

  • Sneezin’ Season is here!
    29 March 2019

    Sneezin’ Season is here!

    Ah.. ah.. ahhh.. choo! *sniffles* Sorry.. It’s that wonderful time of year again! No.. Not college football season (sadly..) It’s allergy season. Or, as I personally like to call it, “sneezin’ season.” Here are some interesting facts for you: 30% of adults and 40% of children in the US suffer from allergies. More than 50 ...

  • Making the Switch
    15 March 2019

    Making the Switch

    We’ve reached another awkward time of year. It’s still winter on the calendar, but the temps have been in the 60s and 70s. At night, it’s gotten back down into the 40s. Seems like the Groundhog we all look to for meteorological predictions in February was wrong about 6 more weeks of winter (shocker.. a ...

  • HVAC and Pest Management
    15 February 2019

    HVAC and Pest Management

    Your home’s heating and air system can be a source of comfort for more than just you and your family. HVAC systems are a source of moisture, warmth or coolness, food, and shelter for every type of critter imaginable. These pests each mean certain dangers and threats to your safety and health. Let’s take a ...

  • Mythbusters: HVAC Edition
    13 February 2019

    Mythbusters: HVAC Edition

    There are several old wives’ tales and myths that are taken for fact when it comes to home comfort. But, is there any truth to them at all? Let’s take a look at some of the common things people believe when it comes to heating and cooling their homes and bust up some myths. I ...

  • A Nest Egg for You..
    04 January 2019

    A Nest Egg for You..

    It’s a growing trend.. The smart home industry began to take off in the early 2000’s when developments in technologies began to make home automation a more affordable and viable option for consumers. The industry has seen a steady increase over the last 2 years, and it is forecasted that by 2022, there will be ...

  • Ductless Heating: A Greener Solution for Difficult Spaces
    21 December 2018

    Ductless Heating: A Greener Solution for Difficult Spaces

    Sun rooms and add-ons to homes can make for a nice place to relax and read or create more space for you to store things, do laundry, entertain/accommodate guests, etc. But, most of the time, houses with such built on spaces struggle to keep heated or cooled efficiently. Even closing them off with a door ...

  • Attics: the Most Important Junk Room
    14 December 2018

    Attics: the Most Important Junk Room

    Attics. They make a great place to hoard or store stuff, and can also be a source of anxiety if you fear taking a bad step and falling through the ceiling. They are the place for air handlers and ductwork in most homes. Needless to say, an attic is a multifunctional space. It is also ...

  • Brace yourselves.. Winter is Coming. Tips for Heating, Personal and Pet Safety during Winter Storms
    07 December 2018

    Brace yourselves.. Winter is Coming. Tips for Heating, Personal and Pet Safety during Winter Storms

      If you haven’t heard… Winter (weather) is coming. Here are some helpful tips for protecting yourself, your pets, and your HVAC equipment during the upcoming storm.   1) Make sure your heat pump does not have a leaky gutter above it, as drippings can freeze on top of and inside your pump, causing restricted airflow ...