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Your Home: Smartest Nest in the Tree
13 January 2019

Your Home: Smartest Nest in the Tree

In our last blog post, we highlighted the functions and pros/cons of Nest’s Learning and E series smart thermostats. But, did you know those are just 2 of many awesome devices that the Nest brand has to offer? Nest is also a leading manufacturer of video security cameras, video doorbells, smart locks, alarm systems, and smoke/carbon monoxide detectors.

Here is a list of the other useful products Nest has to offer:

  • Nest Cam (Indoor)
  • Nest Cam (Outdoor)
  • Nest Cam IQ (Indoor)
  • Nest Cam IQ (Outdoor)
  • Nest Hello
  • Nest Secure
  • Nest x Yale
  • Nest Protect

Nest Cam IQ (both indoor and outdoor)- The IQ is a mounted camera that offers 4K HD Resolution video quality. It records continuously, and sends alerts to your phone when a person is detected. You can also talk and listen to people the camera senses and alerts you to in HD, which is useful in scaring away any potential intruders, porch pirates, or burglars. The Cam IQ also offers additional benefits with a subscription to the Nest Aware app such as notifications sent to your phone when a familiar face is recognized and ability to go back through the entire 24/7 recording history for anywhere from 5-30 days, depending on which subscription you sign up for (as opposed to just clips from when the camera is triggered by a person or the standard 3 hour snapshot window).

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Nest Cam (both indoor and outdoor)- The function is slightly more limited than its IQ brother. This model of Nest Cam does not offer 4K HDR video, doesn’t send familiar face alerts, and only sends person alerts with a Nest Aware subscription. It shares the ability to talk and listen to people detected, night vision, 3 hour snapshot playback, and continuous 24/7 recording. With Nest Aware, you can go back through the entire 24/7 recording history rather than the standard 3 hours.

Nest Cam Indoor

Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Hello– The Hello is a WiFi enabled HDR video doorbell. Like the Nest Cam, it will send alerts to your phone when a person is detected at the door, streams and records 24/7, is equipped with night vision, and you can talk and listen to people at your door. It also has facial recognition tech and sends notifications when familiar faces are sensed. Compared to other video doorbells on the market such as the Ring, the Nest Hello comes with a 4:3 aspect ratio and a 160 degree field of vision, which guarantees that you can see the entire person/group of people and their surroundings in the picture rather than just their face (other doorbell cams come with a 16:9 ratio and only record low resolution video when triggered by sound or motion, which means images can be distorted by glares or low light). You can also play prerecorded quick responses for when the doorbell is rung.

The only drawback to the Hello is that you have to have a wired doorbell, chime, and transformer. You can check for compatibility as well as find a nest pro (again, we are one and would love to help you) to assist you with installation (if you’re not in our area) here: https://nest.com/doorbell/nest-hello/overview/ 

Nest Hello

Nest Secure – The Secure is a whole home security system that has many components that you can customize to create the perfect system to meet your security preference/needs.

  • Nest Guard: Keypad alarm system and motion sensor. Compatible with google assistant so you can arm or disarm with your voice. Has a timer up to 5 minutes to arm or disarm when you leave or come back in the house so you don’t have to rush out or scramble to enter the code when you come in. Also sends reminders to your phone to arm the system should you forget.
  • Nest Tag: Key fob that can be used to quickly disarm the system when you come in and can be remotely disabled in the app should your fob be lost or stolen.
  • Nest Detect: Sensor that can be placed on windows and doors to detect motion and when the window or door is opened or closed. Comes equipped with a light on the bottom to illuminate the lock and path. Motion detect can be turned on and off via the Nest app, and will immediately trigger the alarm when doors you rarely use are opened. It will make a sound when the window or door is opened, but has a quiet time setting. Also has a “Pooch pass” where Fido and Lassie won’t trigger the motion sensor.
  • Other functions: You can set the system to let certain trusted people in at set times with or without the code or a fob.

Nest Secure

Nest x Yale – a key-free, keypad deadbolt. These deadbolts can be bought separately or as a part of the Nest Secure system, which it automatically disables for you when the door is unlocked. They are compatible with google assistant, so you can lock or unlock the door without going near it with your voice. The Nest app will also allow you to remotely lock and unlock with your smartphone. The Nest x Yale sends alerts when the door is locked/unlocked and is capable of automatically locking when you are away should you forget. Last, but certainly not least, this smart deadbolt is tamper-proof. It will send you an alert should someone attempt to tamper with it or break the lock.

The Nest x Yale runs off of batteries, but no worries, it will send you an alert when the battery is low, and if it should go dead, it is easily recharged with a 9 volt battery so that you aren’t locked out.

Nest x Yale (with Nest Secure range extender pictured at right)

Nest Protect – Have you ever been awakened in the middle of the night by a chirping smoke detector? Does your smoke alarm go off for the slightest thing like steam or overcooked popcorn/chicken in the kitchen? Do you hate climbing up to change the battery or deafening yourself by standing right underneath the screaming smoke detector while you test it? With the Protect from Nest, you can kiss all of that goodbye and sleep soundly all night with peace of mind. The Nest Protect tests its own batteries and sensors regularly, lasts up to a decade, and will send a notification of what it detects to your phone.  Not only that, but if you have multiple Nest protect alarms, when one goes off, they all do, so if you have a fire in the laundry room, you will hear the alarm for sure in your bedroom. The Protect talks to you to tell you where smoke is coming from, and if it goes off, you can silence it remotely with your smartphone. Another cool feature is that they will light up when they sense you walking underneath them, so you can find your way to the bathroom or the kitchen in the middle of the night.

Nest Protect

If you have ever been curious about smart devices or are in the market for a smarter, more secure home, hopefully this article has proven helpful to you. If you are considering Nest, and have any questions or would like to purchase/install one, call on The Team You Can Trust to help you. We are a certified Nest Pro, which means of you choose us (or any other Nest Pro), you can get a special extension on the standard warranty on your Nest product! We would be glad to give you an estimate or install your Nest for you! Give us a call at (864)-578-7575, visit our Nest Pro profile https://nest.com/nest-pro-installation/ (follow instructions there to find us), or message us on facebook , twitter, or our website to request!


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