Indoor Air Quality

Unleash a Healthier Indoor Environment

There’s nothing as comforting as taking a deep breath; however, these few seconds may, in fact, be the most harmful part of your day.

Though it might come as a surprise, your home’s air is filled with chemical vapors, microbes, mildew, viruses, bacteria, dust, dirt, pollen, allergens and more that are biting away at the health of your indoor environment and your family’s wellbeing. In fact, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is often two to five times and occasionally, more than 100 times more polluted than outdoor air.

Thankfully, Boiling Springs Heating & Air has a pack of certified technicians and an array of indoor air quality solutions that can help!

Air Duct Cleaning & Installation

It’s time to defend your home (and your health) against the dangerous airborne contaminants invading your living space. So, from eliminating dust and dander to preventing asthma and allergies, our team’s air duct cleaning and installation services will effectively sniff out a cleaner, easier-to-breathe indoor environment.

Moisture Control

Excess moisture gnaws away at the health of your indoor environment and the structure of your home; however, the team at Boiling Springs Heating & Air has the expertise and superior products to help you command more control over moisture levels, preventing serious health problems and costly damage.


No Boiling Springs resident should suffer itchy eyes or a dry throat in an uncomfortable home. Instead, it’s time to chase after the comfort that you deserve. Our company’s dependable and effective humidifiers have the power and efficiency to prevent dry air from chewing away your contentment.


South Carolina is known for its humidity; however, that doesn’t mean your home needs to accumulate excess moisture. Our team can install a dehumidifier in your home that fetches more dependable home comfort at a price that won’t nip at your budget restrictions.

Commercial Air Quality Services

Adopting a healthy indoor environment is important—especially when it comes to commercial spaces. That’s because, the bigger a space is, the more people will pass through it who could be inhaling polluted air. So, it’s time for you to defend the indoor air quality of your building to safeguard the wellbeing of your customers and employees.

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