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Your Guide Dogs for Safe Power & Lighting

A dog’s bark is a warning sign that danger is ahead—and as a homeowner, you prefer a bark-free home. That’s because your home’s safety is your No. 1 priority.

Boiling Springs Heating & Air’s pack of certified electricians will be your guard dogs for a more secure home through our dependable electrical services in South Carolina. Our fast service and trustworthy expertise will light the way toward a safely powered home, day in and day out.

Electrical Service Upgrades

In this technology-driven world, it’s crucial that your home has the power to meet your technological requirements. Boiling Springs’ dependable electrical service upgrades can give you a leg up on your power needs.

Light Fixture Installation

Let Boiling Springs’ pack brighten your space with our proficient light fixture installation services. New lighting can improve the ambience or the functionality of any room, and our team can help you ensure it is installed effectively, attractively and safely.

Custom Indoor Lighting

It’s time to fetch a lighting solution that better meets your needs for your home, and now, with Boiling Springs’ superior custom indoor lighting services, you have expert assistance. Our pack of electricians will help you choose the best light fixtures and placement to unleash a new look and feel for your home.

Custom Outdoor Lighting

Transform your yard, porch or patio into an outdoor oasis with Boiling Springs’ custom outdoor lighting services. Our team will help you adopt a new outdoor lighting solution that will become your home’s doggy door for outdoor comfort.

Electrical Troubleshooting

Don’t let the safety of your home get dogged by aging or improper wiring. Instead, allow our team to muzzle any electrical malfunctions with our effective electrical troubleshooting services. Safety is your priority; protecting you is ours.

Back-Up Generators

At Boiling Springs, we refuse to let your home comfort go to the pound. That’s why, through our dependable back-up generator services, we guarantee that your home will always have the power it needs—no matter what.

Commercial Electrical Services

From a department store to a restaurant, there’s one thing that all businesses require in order to be successful: electricity. So, it’s your responsibility, as a storeowner or manager, to prevent a power loss or electrical malfunction from jeopardizing your productivity or safety. The team at Boiling Springs can help with swift and effective commercial electrical services that will keep your business powered reliably.

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